We were very honored to have Lucy Whigham one of the countries leading gastroenterologists dietitians to become a specialist advisor for ohso, her remarkable insight to gut health can be seen on the web site and her regular blogs.

Our ohso journey in 2016 was full of surprises, a few challenging but most very exciting.

The challenges are always convincing people that something as tempting and delicious as chocolate can be so good for you, we are programmed to think that anything that is an indulgence is bad for you. I think that the perfect example of proving our point was our new slimming world friend Millie, what an amazing story she had to tell. In her blog, which you can see on ohso.com, she tells how she lost an incredible 9 stone in just 9 months by rethinking her eating habits and yet still enjoying food, including a bar of ohso everyday, perhaps at only 63 calories you can have your cake and eat it to!

July saw us launch a new web site, not just to make it easier to get ohso to everyone but to talk about the issues of health and well being, in particular how important your gut health is.

All of us are so proud to have the most amazing and successful female athlete in the country, Laura Kenny, as one of our ambassadors. Who could forget those gold medals in Rio. People ask me how did Laura become an ohso ambassador, well in a way she found us. Laura is by her own admission something of a chocoholic and as she says, “if your going to have a chocolate treat every day make it a healthy one” so ohso for her was a match made in heaven.

One of the biggest excitements for ohso this year was when the biggest chain of vitamin stores in America, GNC, asked us to launch ohso into over 3,000 stores, this was an amazing compliment and shows how the world is seeing our unique probiotic chocolate. No more Hershey bars just healthy and delicious ohso chocolate!

So a massive thank you to everyone who has been a part of the ohso journey this year, I think that our amazing chocolate has made a lot of people not only happier but healthier. I cant wait for 2017.

Wishing everyone an ohso happy and healthy Christmas.

Co Founder, ohso