Ohso-Dipped Sweet Potato Chips

We are addicted to this delicious sweet and salty snack created by Eli Brecher

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Skinny Raspberry Chocolate Cake

This delicious chocolate cake recipe is the perfect slimmed down version of an old favourite. It also works as an alternative brownie mix!

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Yes they might resemble cardboard, but they are fab for weight loss & are a gift from the poo gods!!

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Ohso Spiced hot Chocolate

Ohso Spiced Hot Chocolate

For an even naughtier version add a shot of brandy!

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ohso cacao pancakes

These cacao pancakes are delicious full of what you need to start a busy day and easy to make

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Ohso Chocolate Millie Breakfast recipe

Millies divine breakfast

I’m doing an SP day today and have just used BOTH hexb in this bowl of delicious-ness…

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Kelly & Kyle Maslen, founders of KIN, share their favourite chocolatey breakfast recipe.

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Biochemist, nutrition use and plant-based food blogger, Plant Based Pixie, shares her post workout dessert of choice with us

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Ohso waffly good

Making waffles even tastier.

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Big Boost Breakfast Bowl

This is simple, just chuck all the ingredients into the bowl and enjoy!

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