Please find below a selection of our most asked questions, however if we don't answer your query, please email us on the contact form and we will answer with 48 hours.

frequently asked questions

Is ohso Vegan friendly? - +

Many Vegans enjoy ohso but we do have an allergy advice with regards MILK. This is because there is a chance of cross contamination during production. Whilst we add no dairy to ohso chocolate, we do have milk chocolate produced in the same production facility. 

Is ohso good for diabetics? - +

As I’m sure you can understand we are not able to give any medical advice. Our “no added sugar” flavours have only 2% naturally occurring sugars found in the cocoa bean. We have no artificial sweetners added, the sweetners are derived from natural sources.

Do our live bacteria survive stomach acids? - +

Not all live bacteria (as with any product) are able to make it through to the gut, HOWEVER we have proven that with our unique microencapsulation process in our bars, we are able to maximise the delivery of live bacteria to the gut. This means that ohso is 3x’s more effective at delivering live bacteria to the gut than dairy products. 

What is the sweetner in ohso “no added sugar” bars? - +

We use NO artificial sweetners. There is 2% naturally occurring sugars. There are two main ingredients that help to make our bars the perfect sweetness, one is stevia and the second is maltitol, both are plant based ingredients.

Is it OK to eat more than one bar a day? - +

Yes, but as with most things in life moderation is a good thing!  Ohso can be consumed as part of a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. All of the nutritional values and ingredients for our bars are available in our product section of this web site.

If you were to consume an excessive amount of our no added sugar bars it may induce a laxative effect.

Do you ship orders overseas? - +

Please contact us for more information: 01590 626143 

Is it OK to cook with ohso? - +

Yes it is (wonderful melted over strawberrys and other fruit), however the live bacteria in the bar will start to diminish once the temperature of the chocolate goes above 50’c

When will my subscription be delivered? - +
Once you’ve started a subscription you can expect your first order of ohso packs within 2-3 working days as we use Royal Mail 48. Each month your order will shipped on the same day of the month.
When will my card be debited? - +
Your card will be debited on the same day as your order is sent.
Do I need to be in when my order arrives? - +
Your order be delivered by the Royal Mail through your letter box, so good news you don’t need to be at home and no signature is required. It could not be easier to get your daily healthy treat.
How do I pause or cancel my subscription? - +
You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time anytime up to 2 days before your next dispatch date. Simply log into your account area at, click the “change flavours” button to the right of your active subscription and either pause or cancel your subscription. We will send you a confirmation e-mail when making changes.
How long does it take to deliver my ohso? - +
We use “Royal Mail 48” which normally takes 2 – 3 days from dispatch.
How do I change flavours? - +
Simply log into your account area at, select your subscription and change flavours at any time up until 2 days before dispatch.
How do I change my number of packs each month? - +
If you want to up grade from a 4 pack subscription to an 8 pack subscription, simply log into your account area at, cancel your current subscription. You are then free to order a new 8 pack subscription. You will need to resubmit your card details. The same applies to cancelling an 8 pack subscription and ordering a 4 pack subscription. We will send you a confirmation e-mail when making changes.
How do I change my payment method for my subscription? - +

To change your subscription payment method, please follow the below instructions.

• Log into your account and click on the MANAGE MY SUBSCRIPTION button.

• At the top of your subscription page, click on the CHANGE PAYMENT button in the blue bar

• Enter your new card details and then click CHANGE PAYMENT METHOD

• Once you have verified the new payment method, you will be redirected to your subscription.

How does gifting work? - +

Simply shop our gift packs and when on the checkout, if the recipient doesn't live with you, ensure you enter their details in the alternate address.

As thew whole order will be delivered to one address, we recommend ordering the gift separately from products you want delivered to you.

adding a gift message - +

If you want to include a personalised message with your gift, simply add the message when you are adding the item to your bag.


We'll then lovingly write this out on a postcard and place in the gift box.

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