Customers’ Gut Health Stories

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Ohso Good Chocolate has helped many customers with their gut health thanks to billions of live gut friendly bacteria!

The combination of delicious Belgian chocolate and a billion gut-friendly live bacteria has proven to be a hit with customers with 4.5 stars and over 700 reviews on Trustpilot!

We know that many customers love the fact that all the cocoa for our chocolate is sustainably sourced. Others love the fact that the live bacteria cultures in our chocolate are delivered 3 times more effectively than in dairy products thanks to our unique encapsulation process. And others just love the way it tastes!

But what do our customers really say about Ohso Good Chocolate bars? 

And how has our unique blend of great tasting chocolate and live bacteria helped with their gut health?

Here’s just a small selection of the amazing reviews we’ve received about our chocolate and how it’s pleased many of our customers and helped with their gut health.

Gut health is better with an Ohso subscription

“Love Ohso! I had previously cancelled my subscription and have noticed the difference as my gut health plummeted. Have resubscribed to enjoy a daily chocolate bar with good gut bacteria.” – Amanda

Ohso 70% Dark Chocolate is ideal for diabetics

“A brilliant chocolate from a top company. The 70% dark is ideal for diabetics because of the low sugar content. 1 a day keeps the Doc at bay.” – Derek

Ohso Chocolate has helped with bloating

 “I’m about 3 weeks into having the daily chocolate and I can say I’m feeling good with it and feel it has helped with not feeling too bloated.” – B. Honey

Best chocolate I’ve tasted in a long time

“Having to eat sugar free chocolate, I thought I’d give the taster bars a try and it’s the best chocolate I’ve tasted in a long while. No horrible after taste. Really enjoyed the orange and raspberry flavours.” – Diane

A daily treat that is good for us

“Love the chocolate – so does my husband, so we have 8 boxes each month through our letterbox! It’s good to know that our daily treat is good for us.” – Jacky

Ohso helped with colitis

“Been buying Ohso for years. Just love the taste and a little bar of this a day has helped my daughter with her colitis. Not a medical expert or recommendation but the probiotics in these bars seem to have helped her.” – Carolyn

Sugar free plus gut friendly bacteria is a no-brainer

“I am a type 2 diabetic and I love dark chocolate (70-75% cocoa) but dark chocolate with raspberry and orange flavours AND sugar free PLUS gut friendly bacteria from Ohso is a no-brainer” – Malcolm

The very best way to get your pro-biotics

“I love Ohso chocolate. The very best way to get your probiotics and there are plenty of vegan options too.” – Jessica

Fancy trying Ohso chocolate yourself?

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  1. I’d love to win some ohso Good chocolate! It is so tasty and great that it is good for you!

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