We ask the expert

Lucy Whigham - Specialist Gastroenterology Dietitian


Source of energy for an active lifestyle

Chocolate is an important source of direct energy. Chocolate compensates very rapidly for the energy that the body expends during heavy physical or mental exertion.

Helping your body's defenses

Cocoa flavanols are natural and powerful antioxidants and help to strengthen your body’s own natural defences against free radicals when under oxidative stress.

B-complex, D and E vitamins

Cocoa and dark chocolate also contain many B-complex vitamins, needed for releasing energy and creating the body's building blocks. In addition, dark chocolate contains vitamins D and E.

Dietary fibre with cleaning effect on digestive system

Chocolate also has a beneficial effect on digestion. Cocoa mass contains around 15% of soluble and non-soluble dietary fiber. This fiber improves intestinal movements and keeps the intestinal and stomach walls clean.

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