I learnt it was all about a change in lifestyle.

Hi, I’m Millie Hancock and just one year ago, at nineteen years of age, I weighed a tremendous 304lbs. I spent, what should have been, “the best years of my life” overweight, knowing I needed to change – and trying to – but failing.

Every single Monday I’d start a new ‘diet’ and every single Tuesday I’d have given up. This carried on for a good few years (in which the weight piled on)… Until I learnt it was all about a change in lifestyle, rather than the fad diets I was restarting each week. I learnt that I could lose weight, whilst eating all the foods I loved (in a lighter, more nutritious way)… Including chocolate!

One year on from this realisation, I’m 126lbs down, gone from a dress size 22 to a size 12 and a thousand times happier and healthier than I once was… All because I achieved that “balance” that I’d always heard about, a balance that allows one to eat all the cravings, whilst still feeling good on the inside and out.