Ohso chocolate...
brings you so much more than just the feel good factor

We have taken delicious Belgian Chocolate and added over a billion "gut friendly bacteria" to every perfect bar... ohso loves your tummy!

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the ohso story

Ohso comes out of an amazing discovery that our chocolate delivers live bacteria to your gut 3 x more effectively than dairy products, using our unique encapsulation process.

The science and claim has been proven to the satisfaction of the "European Food Standards Authority:. So you can forget the yogurt and enjoy a little bar of chocolate!

We then wanted to make sure that our chocolate was the best, most delicious and healthy it could be, so that you could get the best of both worlds.

All ohso chocolate has

no added dairy and is certified gluten free

Our No Added Sugar range

has only 2% naturally occurring sugars

sustainably sourced cocoa

We believe in using the finest sustainably resource ingredients possible through a partnership with cocoa farmers.

for all you calorie counters

Our dark 54% cocoa, plain and orange bars have 72 calories per bar

The no added sugar flavours have 64 calories per bar

And as we all know we should enjoy most things in moderation so we created perfect daily portion sized bars and put 7 bars in a pack for your weekly regime.

oh yes, and it’s ohso delicious!